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Services Offered

Staging to Sell an Occupied Home

Staging to Sell a Vacant Home

Deb's Decor will design and rent room furnishings to enhance the appearance of the home. The reason why the home should be somewhat furnished is many potential buyers have a hard time visualizing them in a vacant home. When rooms are unfurnished they seem smaller, so a buyer might be unsure how to position furniture or if it will fit. A vacant property can also give the buyers the impression a seller is desperate, which could result in lower offers. By correctly staging and marketing a home we are selling a lifestyle and creating a higher perceived value for the home.

Interior Design Services

Model Home Staging

Many builders have found that staging a model home help buyers visualize living there. Deb’s Decor helps many local builders sell their new homes quickly and for top dollar with the correct staging strategies and furnishings.