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Sell your house quickly with professional home staging!Home Staging is professionally preparing homes for sale, so they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on the market. Staged Homes traditionally present themselves better than the competition by being clean, clutter free, and ready to show to prospective buyers. Buyers will be able to appreciate the spaciousness of the house and the architectural features. Most importantly buyers will be able to focus on the overall house, get a feel for the floor plan, and how their belongings will look in the home.

Staging is an investment that helps your house sell. Presentation is just as important as price when attracting a buyer. A staged house has more warmth and appeal in person, and it shows better in photos and virtual tours online. This creates more of an opportunity for the buyer to create an emotional connection for the home.

Staging uses your timeframe and budget to prepare the house for sale so that it sells in the quickest time and for the best price. In this market only about 10-15% of houses are being professionally staged, which can give you an immediate advantage over 85-90% of the comparable homes for sale. Based on national statistics and average price reductions we can calculate the measurable return on staging investments. The National Association of Realtors has shared that the average price reduction is 5-20% of the original list price. By staging your house you are able to keep that 5-20% of the price because when a house is staged and presented well it will attract the buyer. Other houses on the market will sit, and most likely drop in price, as they only have the price as their tool for leverage to attract a buyer.

Top 10 Reasons To Invest In Home Staging

Faster Sales Time: 2-3 times faster than the un-staged competition.
Higher Sales Price: 5-20% more than the un-staged competition.
Great Listing Tool: Market Differentiator for Realtor and Seller.
Internet Images look better: 90% of Buyers check online first, before visiting a house in person.
Staged houses have been neutralized to allow ALL Buyers to imagine living there.
Staged homes are more appealing and are recognized as the best properties to show and tour.
Buyers view Staged Homes as well cared for properties.
Building Inspectors view Staged Homes as cared for proerties.
Appraisers are more likely to appraise Staged Homes at full value.
Your house will be featured on a Staged Properties for Sale portal that is part of a website that receives an average of 10 million hits a month!