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Debbie McLaughlin


Accredited Staging Professional

As an Accredited Staging Professional I am specifically trained to prepare houses for sale applying proper techniques for occupied or vacant houses that will help them show their best to prospective buyers. Within a short time I help sellers maximize the return on their investments and get the most from their home sales. I love being able to turn house hunters into home buyers!

Staging is actually something I have enjoyed from an early age. I grew up in a family that had long been involved in real estate, property rentals, and remodeling homes for resale. These lifelong experiences have taught me well what it takes to sell a house. I've always enjoyed home design, space planning and furniture placement for optimum feel and appeal. I slowly became the family's stager in setting up rental models and homes. Friends and neighbors continually sought me out to help design and remodel their living spaces. Through word of mouth, realtors began requesting that I stage their house listings. As my three children got older and began moving in to "nests" of their own, I realized that life is too short not to venture out and endeavor into a full-time profession that fulfills me both creatively and professionally and allows me to meet the needs of a variety of clients

I'm a people person, and love meeting with clients in their homes. I love my job in being able to help them move on and fulfill their dreams or new chapters in their lives - just like I did!

Debbie McLaughlin


Client testimonial

"Deb was a godsend in helping stage our home for marketing and for setting up our new home. She has a wonderful sense of design. Her efficiency combined with pleasant manner lessened the challenges of our move. I would highly recommend her."

~ Eleanor

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