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"The house was listed on Friday and by the end of the weekend we had a full price offer. So....I must admit Deb was worth the small price we paid...Thanks, Deb...I'm a convert!"

~ Bill, Bedford, NH


Home Staging


Staging to sell an occupied home:

DIY Written Consultation

Deb's Decor will visit the property to give an overall assessment and make recommendation of how to enhance the overall appearance of the property. A written report is provided to clients that wish to take the Do-it-Yourself approach. The report will guide the homeowner with specific ways to declutter, depersonalize, neutralize and enhance the appearance so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living there. The homeowner is responsible for the outcome of the project and the purchase of any items necessary in the staging process.

Hands on Full Staging

 Deb's Decor provides full staging for the homeowner. They come to the home to declutters, depersonalizes, neutralize and enhances the home for the homeowner. This service provides hands-on placement of furniture and accessories that will increase the flow and appeal to the home. Not only is this done for the homeowner but they also have access to Deb's Decor extensive inventory of furnishings necessary for the staging process. Once the home has sold Deb's Decor returns to destage the property.

Staging to sell a vacant home:

Deb's Decor will design and rent room furnishings to enhance the appearance of the home. The reason why the home should be somewhat furnished is many potential buyers have a hard time visualizing them in a vacant home. When rooms are unfurnished they seem smaller, so a buyer might be unsure how to position furniture or if it will fit. A vacant property can also give the buyers the impression a seller is desperate, which could result in lower offers. By correctly staging and marketing a home we are selling a lifestyle and creating a higher perceived value for the home.

Interior Design

Redesign - One day room makeover

Redesign is the process of using your furniture and accessories mixed with our flair for knowing how and where to place it all! It is a great alternative to expensive traditional decorating. It is the art of using what you already own to create a fresh look.

Color Selection Consultation

Deb's Decor will come to your home to assist in choosing the perfect color for walls, furniture and accessories.

Designing a New Home

Once you've sold your home and have moved to another, Deb's Decor can assist you in paint color selection, furniture placement and suggestions on accessories that help express your taste and lifestyle.

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